Their work always turns out well. They are incredibly professional and competitive.
– Charles B., Cincinnati

Blue Ox was great! The owner met me at my house within a day of requesting a bid. They scheduled, contacted me, and completed the work within a week of our agreement. Despite all the rain in April and May, they did not damage the lawn or gardens or anything else (in fact, there was almost no sign they’d even been here, except for the missing trees), and they thoroughly removed the debris, including sawdust. They’ve been friendly & helpful throughout, and even recommended that we hold off work on trimming some branches of a couple of other trees; it was not yet necessary and would save us money. I highly recommend Blue Ox and will certainly use them again in the future.
– Michael P., Anderson Township

They removed the tree and ground the stump within three hours. I think they did a great job.
– Robert C., Milford

The owner came out promptly after my call and gave an estimate. The large tree, approximately three feet in diameter, had a broken limb resting over another limb near the top and was in a hazardous state. After accepting the quote, the owner and his helper came out, took down the tree, and ground out the stump. The cleanup was the best of all tree services I have used over the years. I was very well pleased with the work and with the personalities and professionalism of both owner and helper.
– Jewell S., Cincinnati

Their service is always very good. They are thorough and careful about not disturbing existing landscaping when working. I’ve been using them for years, and will continue to do so into the future.
– Arlene N., Cincinnati

I called Blue Ox on Tuesday morning but didn’t leave a message. Bobbi must have been on the phone but saw the call come in and called back within a half hour. We needed a large pile of logs removed within a day or two; Bobbi explained that Cody was in the area that day and would stop by to give an estimate. He came that afternoon, left a written estimate. Bobbi called me again to report that he had left the estimate and said they could handle the job the next morning at 6:00 a.m. Jeremy arrived promptly and did all the work himself, which was difficult. He handled it perfectly and cleaned up the area such that you could not tell there had been a log pile. All aspects of the job were handled in a first-class manner, from start to finish, at a very reasonable price.
– Debora C., Hyde Park

Blue Ox has been fabulous. They are very conscientious and prompt. Their prices are more than reasonable, and I highly recommend them.
– Lola G., Anderson Township

Contacted them by e-mail initially and promptly was contacted and a quote received. It was FAR less than previous quotes received from two other companies. They did say it would take 4 to 6 weeks being that they were extremely busy. I didn’t mind waiting. Glad I did. They did a great job. Took 5 guys the entire day (it was a BIG tree and inaccessible to heavy equipment). And they were very good at cleaning up afterwards. One of the few times I felt I should have actually paid more than I did. I highly recommend this company.
– Allen R., Madeira

Excellent service; polite and punctual; very hard working; excellent price. These guys are a gem.
– David K., Cincinnati